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We have created radical techniques specifically for Indian students. Early on, we realized that Indian students struggle to ace standardized tests such as the GRE because typical training programs for these tests cater to a native English population. However, the way we Indians think, and therefore, the problem areas we face, are quite different. This is why we have created a unique set of techniques for non-native English speakers that leverage our intrinsic strengths.


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We ensure that you are taught only by the finest teachers in the industry. You don’t have to be an English wizard or a Math geek to get into your dream college—you just have to ace the  GRE. This is exactly why you will be taught specific test-taking strategies & tips for the GRE, and not just grammar rules and formulae! We have a very selective process & rigorous training for instructors & the cornerstone of our success is our exceptional teaching quality.



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We provide you with support until you reach your dream score. We don’t count our course in classroom hours or days of tutoring (though you’ll have plenty of those, too). Our mission isn’t fulfilled till you have taken the test & reached your dream school with our unmatched guidance & support all the way. This is why our students continue to stay in touch with us years after they’ve completed their course and entered their dream B-schools!


Well! If you are still reading, you’re probably looking for some proof that all of this works. 🙂 And what better proof than letting our results speak for themselves?



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