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Saikiran Dudyala – Verbal Trainer

Saikiran has six years of experience in the teaching industry and has trained hundreds of students for a plethora of courses ranging from Spoken English and Communication skills to GMAT, GRE, SAT, PSAT, ACT, IELTS and TOEFL. An alumnus of the prestigious Guindy Engineering college in Chennai, and an engineer by qualification, he chose to heed the call of passion and switched tracks to the education industry. Saikiran loves to create order out of chaos and has a flair for administration. Follow Sai Kiran on LinkedIn

junaid quant instructor crackverbal

Mohammed Junaid – Quant Trainer

Junaid is the quintessential quants guy - a person who solves GMAT and GRE quant questions as part of his day-job, and solves puzzles and problems in his free time for fun! He has an M.Sc. in Mathematics from the Ramanujan Institute for Advanced Study in Mathematics, and 5 years of experience in training students across Test Prep courses like GMAT, GRE, SAT etc. One quality that sets Junaid apart is his neat and organized mind that can simplify the most complex of real-world issues and cut them down to essentials. When he’s not living and breathing Math, Junaid enjoys playing volleyball and cricket. Follow Junaid on LinkedIn.

Aditya Kumar

Aditya Kumar – Quant Trainer

Aditya is an engineer by qualification, an alumnus of the famous M.S Ramaih institute of Technology. His foray into teaching was a serendipitious accident, but once he discovered how good he was at it, he has not looked back. He has 3 years of test-prep experience, teaching GMAT, GRE and SAT. His super-power is his ability to uncomplicate a tangled mess of information into simple, byte-sized facts. He loves numbers and think they tell a story, if you listen closely enough. His favorite pursuits on a weekend are reading, playing football, and heading to the newest zomato-recommended restaurant on the block.

saloni gre faculty

Saloni Chouhan – Verbal Trainer

Always the one with the mic, Saloni invariably had the knack for public speaking. Before she realized it, she entered the teaching field and never looked back. Teaching became her first love and interaction with students her forte. Having all the experiences of being a student, she believes in making the class informative and fun in turn enabling the students’ to unlock their inner champion and potential. When not teaching the GRE, Saloni can be found enjoying the great outdoors, listening to music and relishing incredible food. Follow Saloni on LinkedIn.

Srinivasan R – Quant Trainer

Srinivasan brings to the table 15 years of work experience in corporate work experience. A 330 scorer on the GRE with a 170 on GRE Quant, Srinivasan is currently pursuing his research work at ISB Hyderabad. He is passionate about teaching and loves interacting with students - this is what brought him to teach the GRE at CrackVerbal.

Arun Jagannathan

Arun Jagannathan | Verbal Trainer

Arun, founder and CEO at CrackVerbal, has trained and mentored over 4000 students for the GMAT, GRE and applications in the past 11 years.Arun has personally designed the CrackVerbal GRE curriculum from the ground up to include every feature he saw as missing in traditional courses and has also devised all-new techniques to help out students. His expertise in the subject helps him understand the specific pain points that students face on the test

Manoj Puthanveetil – Verbal Trainer

Manoj is a Management Graduate from the University of Leicester, UK. After working in various roles with different companies, he discovered his passion for training and has been in the industry for over 3 years. He is a certified TESOL trainer through Oxford Trinity College, London and has brought his love for and strength in the English language into Verbal training for competitive exams such as GRE, GMAT, SAT, IELTS and TOEFL. He believes that the classroom is his stage and brings all his energy into the classroom to put on a very engaging and informative show.


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