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6 Strategies to Ace GRE – Chennai Workshop

We are going to teach you SIX important strategies that you MUST KNOW to ensure a definite GRE score improvement!

Attend this Workshop and learn:

1) How to train your minds using Mnemonics to remember words on GRE

2) How to identify the degree of difference in similar sounding words on Verbal

3) How to learn and memorize word roots in GRE Vocabulary

4) How to use non formulae approach to solve questions on GRE Quant

5) How to tackle tough 165 level questions on Quant

6) How to use Inequality rules to solve Quantitative Comparison questions.

** All those who attend the Workshop will get access to 50 hand picked GRE Quant questions & 500 videos on GRE Vocabulary

This is a PAID workshop priced at INR 475/- (all inclusive)

Use the early bird price advantage and book your seat!

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Event detail:

Date: 16-October-2016

Start Time: 9 am

End Time: 4 pm

Venue: CrackVerbal Study center, No:44, Old no:8, Krishna Shree enclave, 1st main road, Gandhi Nagar, Adyar, Chennai - 600020

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