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4 Reasons to Do A Master’s Abroad

Posted on April 09, 2014

So you’ve completed your undergraduation (or are in the process of completing it) and you feel that the next logical step is to do your Post Graduation. There are probably some good universities where you live, but you’ve also noticed that a lot of students are now increasingly opting to do their Masters abroad.

You might be wondering : “Is a Masters abroad any good?”


Here Are 4 Reasons Why Doing a Masters Abroad is a Good Idea:


1. The number of exceptional universities available

Academics is only one of the aspects that make a University exceptional. Things like infrastructure, cultural diversity (foreign students) and post-education employability are all very important contributors that define how good a University is.
here are only a handful of Universities in India that offer this exceptional experience and the odds of getting into such universities are pretty slim (don’t forget the infamous quota system our universities have).
On the other hand, many Universities abroad provide a great learning experience and your odds of getting into one of the better schools there are much higher than trying your luck with getting admitted into a premier school in India.

2. Breadth of Courses offered

If you want to specialise in something that isn’t that mainstream like “Game development” or even something as esoteric as “Music theory”, you will most probably find a university abroad that provides such specialisations.
For instance, the University of Southern California provides a Masters in Game Design and the University of Boston provides a Masters of Music; mind you, there are many other universities in US that provide these specialisations too!
In other words: If you’re looking to specialise in a field that isn’t too mainstream – you’ll probably find a good college that offers such a program in the US!

3. Diversity

One of the criteria that a university is ranked on is student diversity (religion, culture and ethnicity). Why is this important? because these differences result in a diversity of ideas, knowledge and world-views that enhance education and preparation for work in a global economy!
When studying abroad you will invariably interact with a diverse set of students and this would indelibly alter you: your perspective will become broader and more global.

4. Increased Employability

The fact is that the curriculum and the approach to education abroad for post graduate courses is so much more relevant to the skills and perspectives required by industries in the global market.
Universities abroad tend to have much better infrastructure that possess contemporary and even cutting-edge facilities. Add to the fact that studying abroad opens up the opportunity to intern with the greatest, paradigm-shifting companies like Apple or Facebook.
hese factors along with so many more that are unique to doing a Post Graduation abroad cumulate to make you a very desirable candidate for the best companies in the world.
What’s your take on this? We’d love to know! Leave your comments in the comment section below.
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