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CrackVerbal GRE classes are not just like any other class that you could attend elsewhere! We have set our creative minds to work to give you some of the best practices to ace the GRE!


More than testing your proficiency in English and Math, GRE tests you on how good you are as a test taker. So knowing the test is more important than knowing the subjects. So we teach you to use the mark and move button effectively, use the hand more than the brain and to attack the easy questions first so that you can utilise your potential to the maximum!

GRE Quant:


Plugging in: The Savior of GRE Quant

Did you know that you needn’t be a mathematician to get a 170 on the GRE Quant? A lot of you may be engineers, and you’re probably thinking that GRE Quant is right up your alley. Well, not all engineers love math 🙂 Those of you who have faced math with trepidation and a beating heart, don’t worry!
Our instructors will teach you to ‘unlearn’ the conventional method of solving math problems that you’ve been accustomed to since primary school! Then, they will teach you the powerful ‘back-solving’ technique, in which you work backwards from the various answer options. This is because, GRE Quant does not focus on the formulaic approach to math – rather, it is a test of your reasoning skills.
You will also learn W-I-N method of solving questions. This basically involves substituting smart numbers in the question, thereby bypassing all those complicated, squiggly variables! With these techniques, you will be able to solve all questions within the time-limit, with the maximum accuracy possible. Math might have been your bugbear all your life, but we will do our best to ensure that GRE Quant isn’t! 🙂

GRE Verbal:

Many Indian test-takers face difficulty in comprehending a plethora of white verbaltopics ranging from under-water sea corals to volcanoes in Taiwan, as our reading is generally limited to academics, sports, and at the most, the daily newspaper.
Reading is a skill that has been emphasized by Americans to a great extent, and since this is a test designed around the American education system, we Indians tend to take a hit in this section. However, we make this easy for you by teaching you how to perfect the art of reading just what is required.

Text Completion and Sentence Equivalence on the GRE are mostly a function of vocabulary. Learning new words has always been a problem for Indian students, because even though our colonial past ensures that we know English reasonably well, the number of uncommon, obscure GRE words to be learnt is simply overwhelming! We have roped in all eminent personalities starting from Sallu Bhai to Big B to help you learn new words very easily (Does that sound intriguing? Visit our classroom to find out how!)
All the above techniques make our GRE course one of the most focused GRE preparation courses you will find! Now that you know how we coach our GRE students, explore your GRE study options!


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